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Breitling Replica Ultimate Chronomat 44 Blacksteel Special Edition Watches

The new 100 years of the ultimate timing of 44 black steel special edition watch loaded with proven, exceptionally strong black steel case and iconic yellow dial, accompanied by high-performance Cheap Breitling Replica homemade movement, is undoubtedly on behalf of Breitling courageless spirit of the model for.

High-end Breitling star series – mechanical chronograph series will be excellent technology and tough lines combined to bring a refreshing special edition models. The high-strength carbonization treatment of satin sanding black steel case and bezel, and Breitling Replica Watches logo yellow dial to form a strong contrast; re-decorated with black cumulative timer and bright red pointer, showing excellent readability, Reminiscent of extremely accurate professional aviation dashboards. The table with the strap design as novel and unique: the bottom of the table made of transparent sapphire, black pendulum is clearly visible; watch with Breitling unique TwinPro two-color rubber strap, outside the black inside the bright eyes with the overall design echoes.

And in the extraordinary charm of the new appearance, but also has outstanding high-tech internal – this watch Breitling Replica extreme timing series of excellent performance in one, and then continue as the “ultimate chronograph watch” and “pilots loyal companions” The immortal legend. Thanks to the indestructible case, the waterproof performance of up to 200 meters; screw-in crown and safety buttons to form a very strong line of defense, to bring the leak sealing effect; side reinforcement protective device is to watch the shock performance More and more outstanding. One-way rotating bezel inlaid with cool black rubber digital time scale, and decorated with four bezel indicator, precision timing, but also to ensure excellent handling. Depends on double-sided anti-glare treatment of sapphire crystal and coated luminous coating of large pointer, time scale, dial is particularly clear and easy to read. New Cheap Replica Watches Breitling Ultimate Time 44 Black Steel Special Edition watch equipped with Breitling self-made 01 movement, certified by the Swiss official Observatory to ensure the ultimate reliability and precision.

The new 100 years of the ultimate timing of 44 black steel special edition watch is not only the flight of the wrist Breitling Replica Watches professionals, more never stop the blood elite effort to build.

Movement: 100 years of self-made 01 movement, the Swiss official Observatory certification, 28,800 times per hour high swing, 47 gemstone bearings, power reserve more than 70 hours; timing accuracy of 1/4 seconds, with 30 minutes and 12 hours cumulative time Calendar; calendar display.

Case: black steel case; waterproof performance of 200 meters (660 feet); screw-in crown and function buttons; one-way ratchet rotary bezel; curved sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-glare treatment; transparent sapphire watch Bottom; diameter: 44 mm.

Dial: yellow.

Strap / bracelet: TwinPro double color rubber strap.

Breitling Replica Reliable, Efficient, Intelligent Breitling Self-made Precision Of The “Core”

As one of the largest independent watchmakers in Switzerland, the Breitling Replica has always been able to develop its own path, and always insist on making a unique style and proud of it as an expert in creating chronograph wrist watch and professional wrist instrument The As the Breitling brand global vice president Jean-Paul Girardin said: “We are famous for manufacturing professional flight time, also like the pilot-like control of the overall situation, determines the direction of their own forward.”

In the face of changing market, in order to maintain the independence of the brand for a long time, in Breitling Replica Watches decided to create their own mechanical chronograph movement – a completely according to their own needs R & D and manufacturing “original homemade” movement. From the first piece of 2009 equipped with Breitling self-01 movement of the ultimate chronograph Chronomat 01 officially unveiled, to now have a total of up to 11 different functions of Breitling self-innovation movement, which is interpretation, confirms the brand’s independent spirit and Creativity. In the decision to independently develop a self-winding chronograph movement, Breitling set up by the top watch designers and construction experts of the “special forces.” They do not intend to only some of the original movement on the improvement, but inventive, the development of a new movement, its quality, performance must be beyond the Cheap Breitling Replica used in all the movement.

Breitling finally produced the first batch of 100% homemade movement. This movement carries the independence, reputation and future of the brand. To ensure that it meets the stringent standards of the brand, Cheap Breitling has carried out numerous tests , and many of the details of the continuous optimization, improvement. At the end of 2006, Breitling submitted to the Swiss official observatory to test the movement samples, the results are no suspense, the movement smoothly through the Observatory accuracy and reliability of the ultimate test, received a high evaluation. It is the most sophisticated mind design, by the hands of experts using sophisticated instruments manufacturing, set accuracy, extraordinary performance and reliability in one. The movement is equipped with a new structure, equipped with “guide column wheel”, “vertical clutch”, “two-way automatic winding” system, vertical clutch and more than 70 hours of power storage device to ensure a more regular movement, The greatest degree of functionality and the use of security. More innovative features into which to make this movement easier to manufacture and use, including a unique pointer assembly technology, so that users can quickly adjust the time with the demand. It is particularly worth mentioning that the intelligent structure also simplifies the maintenance process, but also makes the movement into an open platform, to add new features to provide the possibility. In the search for independence on the road, in the relentless pursuit of quality and performance of the process, all this is priceless assets, it is the essence of Cheap Replica Watches spirit.

Breitling homemade B04 movement, for the Breitling World Timekeeping function (GMT) watch laid the cornerstone. As a very small number of perfect time to provide a convenient dual time zone display of the automatic winding mechanical chronograph movement, which can be used to eliminate the differential gear clearance of the exclusive patent system to replace the traditional pawl system, so that change the time zone becomes more smooth and convenient Will be on the minutes and minutes and precision timing to produce any interference. Breitling Replica Watches brand’s various world time chronograph watch are equipped with Breitling B04 movement, through the dial to provide 24 hours second time zone display and bezel to provide the third time zone display for travel enthusiasts to provide a convenient and reliable use experience.

In addition, the movement with a more compact size, but still able to guarantee not less than 70 hours of power reserve function. This is mainly due to the built-in two hairpins, to ensure that the best kinetic energy storage and use efficiency; also equipped with two parallel barrels, rather than the traditional series of barrel, can reduce the center wheel bearings Stress and have a very regular energy output. Two barrels at the same time sharing, to provide the movement of the energy required by half; and special pendulum Tuo also let the finer movement to achieve the best performance. The movement has a hundred years for the differential gear system, the city disc and the movement of the connection device developed two new patented invention, and the other two specifically for the B04, B05 movement patent application. This series of innovative inventions and functional optimization is intended to further enhance the performance of the watch, as well as the movement of the functional and reliability, better fit Breitling Replica Watches brand “aviation” philosophy.

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